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Are SQE Study Notes and Flashcards Up to Date? 100%!!!

Since the first edition of SQE Study Notes was published on 1 June 2022, SQE Study Notes and SQE Flashcards have become incredibly popular with law students studying for the challenging Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) .

Students have been using them in the UK and internationally to support their revision for both SQE1 and SQE2. They have become a handy revision companion for SQE mocks and classroom sessions at all the major SQE providers with many students relying on word of mouth recommendation. Our most popular product is the SQE Revision Pack which offers a great value price of £150 (including free UK shipping). This is a combined saving of £30!

A quick search of social media (TikTok, Instagram and Linkedin) will reveal posts by SQE students who have used the books and flashcards to help them pass the SQE. See @alexkhoury01, @toomuchromi, @jayslawlife, @brianna_butcher, @jacksullivan @diaryofsqestudent

Furthermore, SQE Study Notes are regularly updated to ensure the contents of both books and flashcards are in line with the latest SQE legal developments and syllabus changes (as published by the SRA and Kaplan in their annual review). The most recent edition of the books and flashcards were released on 1 April 2024.

The April 2024 edition of SQE Study Notes Book 1 & 2 and SQE Flashcards contain the following main updates:

SQE Study Notes Substantive Law (Book 1)

  • The power to dissolve Parliament by the Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act 2022

  • Changes to Retained EU Law by the EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023

  • Amendment to the test to establish a common constructive trust

  • Updating all Book 1 chapters to ensure alignment with latest published SQE syllabus

SQE Study Notes Procedural Law (Book 2)

  • Changes to company and LLP formation and filings by the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023

  • Reference to the recent decision in Churchill v Merthyr Tydfill Council [2023] and its impact of ADR

  • Introduction of the new Intermediate Track pathway (Part 26, CPR)

  • Updated VAT and statutory legacy thresholds

  • Revised Youth Court procedures

  • Clarification of Anti-Money Laundering provisions to explain the significance of beneficial ownership in a corporate structure

  • Updating all Book 2 chapters to ensure alignment with latest published SQE syllabus

Furthermore, having followed the SQE journey of thousands of students through social media and direct messaging, we have been able to refine and improve SQE Study Notes and SQE Flashcards to ensure they continue to remain the student's first choice as a quick reference guide in helping navigate and study the enormous SQE syllabus.

Lastly, we are also proud of our international success and popularity with SQE Study Notes and Flashcards having been shipped to the following countries:

  • Canada and USA

  • France, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Ukraine and Switzerland

  • Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman

  • Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore

Should you have any specific questions about SQE Study Notes or SQE Flashcards, please message on social media or by emailing


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