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Revision Killer - What you need to know about SQE Study Notes and SQE Flashcards

SQE Study Notes have been written specifically to pass the SQE. They follow the SQE syllabus as published by the SRA (the regulator) and Kaplan (the assessor).

They are not tied to any SQE course provider, therefore, they contain only the SQE law you need to know to pass the SQE. In doing so, I have streamlined the massive SQE syllabus of FLK1 and FLK2 into 2 handy A5 books and flashcards. While all the products are individually available on the website for purchase, it is recommended you purchase the SQE Revision Pack (Book 1 (Substantive Law) , Book 2 (Procedural Law) and the SQE Flashcards) for maximum learning impact and success. The books and flashcards are designed to be used together as an integrated revision system for SQE1 and SQE2 and the Revision Pack represents best value for money (i.e a £30 saving).

You can see sample pages of the books on the Preview tab on the website and on TikTok. Please read the reviews left by many students on the website and social media. If you have any questions, not only about the books, but the SQE and SQE providers, please get in touch. I am happy to help and provide direction and guidance (free of charge! ). I have been either studying, practising or teaching law for over 25 years so I have plenty of experience that I am happy to share.

Yes, the SQE is an enormous challenge but there are some advantages to the SQE assessments:

  1. The MCQ format for SQE1 allows students to focus on simply memorising the law without having to generate written legal answers for the traditional law assessment of essays or problem questions. As long as you can recall the law and apply it, you stand a chance of answering the questions;

  2. You do not need to have studied a law degree or conversion course or even enrol with an SQE provider to sit the assessments. Many students, confident in their own abilities and with the right learning materials, are self studying at home for the SQE assessments and saving them thousands of pounds in tuition fees;

  3. By taking the various components of the SQE journey at your own pace, many students are able to work and study at the same time.

With hard work, preparation and the right learning materials, the SQE can be overcome!

Best of Luck!

Revision Killer


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